About the Team

Landshark Rally is a stage rally team out of Canmore, Alberta. The team was formed in 2016 and consists of Nate Sikora, driver, and Kristy Donaldson, co-driver. The pair have been competing together since early 2016. Starting with the Rally West TSD championship, they quickly made the decision to step up their game and move into stage rally. In 2017 they competed in the 2017 Western Canadian Rally Championship, which they were able to lock down the Novice Driver and Co-Driver award for the year. The team plans to run the entire 2018 Western Canadian Rally Championship, consisting of 5 rallies in BC and Alberta.

Nate Sikora – Driver – has been a rally fan since he was young. He spent his childhood summers in North Idaho lake country driving go karts, buggies, quads and jet skis. He is passionate about Subaru’s and is mechanically savvy at working on them. He has only competed for a short time, but has been working on his driving skills from a young age. Highly competitive and motivated he wants to be the best in the sport and looks to improve in any way he can.

Kristy Donaldson – Co-Driver – is the glue that keeps the team together. She is extremely organized and keeps everything in order. Growing up in Cranbrook, BC, she’s ridden dirt bikes and atvs from a young age, giving her a need for speed. She, like Nate, is highly competitive and wants to win.

The name Landshark came about one evening at Nate’s family cabin. Needing a name for their beer pong team that was about to dominate, Kristy and Nate decided they would be landsharks. In true beer pong spirit they put on tank tops and drew “landsharks” on their shoulders. Since then the name has stuck and they enter all their challenges together as landsharks.